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Cook better food with better spices

Over 250 Spices and Seasonings packed fresh daily in Asheville NC.

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  • Personalized customer service

    Email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours

  • Award Winning Culinary Team

    Founded by 5-time James Beard Foundation nominated chef Meherwan Irani and used in our 7 partner restaurants including our flagship location, Chai Pani Asheville, named the 2022 JBF Most Outstanding Restaurant

  • Quality & Freshness

    Ground in house, packed to order, shipped direct

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"Kindred is a love story of ranchers, farmers, team members and how they collectively work together to create a nuanced narrative. When we found out Chef Meherwan Irani had a spice company we jumped at the opportunity to partner with them and use them in all of our restaurants. James and the Walla team are LEGEND status. - Joe Kindred, Chef & Owner -Kindred, milkbread & Hello Sailor"

"The Coriander smelled alive, like lemon - with more depth than any other coriander I have found. These spices taste and smell great alone & add something special to every dish. - Katie Button, Chef & Owner - Curate & La Bodega Asheville, NC"

"We chose to work with Spicewalla for not only are their spice blends fresh, well-sourced, and delicious, but the team is also great to work with and has been such an important partner to us. - Legally Addictive Foods- Weaverville, NC"

"Meherwan Irani is now bringing his signature blends of spices right to you so you don’t have to wander the world to get this precious delicious treasure right in your kitchen. - Maneet Chauhan, Chef & Owner - Chauhan Ale & Masala House Nashville, TN"

"Using Spicewalla to develop our custom seasoning was easy and enjoyable. Their spice quality is top notch only surpassed by their customer service. - Upstate Growers Market - Fountain Inn, SC"

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